An iOS app for managing your relationships.

Rekindl was a Stanford student project created by Benjamin Williams, Ikechi Akujobi, Jesse Candido, Ryan Cole, and David Mora. It is no longer being maintained.

Friendships Grow Distant Over Time

Busy schedules and distance can cause even the closest of friends to grow apart. We often forget to check in, and with so much on our plates, it can be extremely difficult to follow up on those “we should get lunch sometime” or “it’s been too long” moments. Rekindl aims to solve that issue by tracking the health of your relationships, and reminding you when it’s a good time to reach out to someone.

Photo of Rekindl homepage
Rekindl homepage

Remember. Reignite. Repeat.

Rekindl helps you keep up friendships by reminding you of connections that are becoming distant and allowing you to choose relationships you want to reignite. The app prioritizes friends who you have not connected with in a while and makes it easy to get back in touch with them.

Tech Stack

Rekindl was built using React Native, Expo, and Firebase.