5 Game-changing Tools I Love

A list of my favorite tools & apps from 2018

As a software engineer and techie fanboy, I try to stay up-to-date on what’s hot in the tech industry. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tech tools & apps that I’ve used this past year.


If you write lists to get things done, then you need to check out Workflowy. For a long time I’ve been searching for an easy-to-use, minimalist list making tool. I wanted something that I didn’t have to learn to use—it just worked. Farhad Manjoo describes it best:

Once you sign up, you’re presented with a page that looks like a word-processing document. Just start typing your first list item. Unlike in Evernote or OneNote, you don’t need to open up new “notebooks” or “notes” to put stuff down. Instead, everything in WorkFlowy is part of a single giant list. Each item can have sub-lists under it, and each of those sub-items can have their own nested lists, and so on. The best part, though, is that you can “zoom in” on each item—double-click on a bullet point and WorkFlowy suddenly shows you a new page for that item and all its sublists. Each item in your list, then, is like a new document on its own.

If that didn’t make sense, here’s a gif:

If that didn’t make sense, just check it out. It’s free, and totally worth it.


I have a pretty bad memory, and when it comes to remembering passwords, I’m the worst. Recently I started using a password manager, 1Password. A password manager is an application that keeps all your passwords secure in one place so that you don’t have to remember them, eliminating the need for Google or iCloud Keychain. More than that, 1Password monitors if any of your passwords get compromised, and has a bunch of other cool features that let me not worry about security or login info for any of my accounts. It can even store those 6-digit codes you use as secondary authentication and automatically enter them in so you don’t have to scramble for your phone. It’s dope.

Hacker News

If you’re a software engineer, chances are you’ve heard of Hacker News. If you haven’t (like me until a couple months ago) then you definitely want to check it out. Hacker News (HN) is a social news website that keeps a pulse on all things tech and entrepreneurship. It’s basically just a list of cool articles people all around the world are sharing—most of them before they become mainstream—and some really interesting conversations happen in the comments section too. I’ve learned about mathematics as art, changing the law through code, and other nerdy shit.

Heating up my tea from my Apple Watch


I recently started drinking tea, and got the Ember mug as a gift. Ember is a temperature-control mug, which basically means it’s a mug that has a heater inside. Using an app on your phone or smart watch, you can control how hot it gets for your favorite drinks. What’s cool is it’ll keep your drink hot all day—no more cold drinks. The mug is smart enough to know when your cup is empty, and it turns off its heater. When you’re pouring liquid into it, it’ll turn it on. They make a travel mug too. Though I’ve never used it, I’ll probably get it sometime in the future.


I haven’t used Mixmax in a few months, but it’s worth mentioning. Mixmax is a Gmail productivity tool that basically gives you all the features you wish your email had. Some of those features are: Email Tracking, One-Click Calendar Scheduling, Sending Emails Later, Automatic follow-up emails, Email templates, and Polls & Surveys. If you use your email a lot it's worth investing in some of the best tools to get things done.